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Home Pro Spotter

Home Pro Spotter

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Home Pro Spotter


  • With a clean towel blot up the bulk of the spill.
  • Do not scrub
  • Apply Home Pro Spotter
  • Blot
  • If stain still visible, reapply and blot again.

See our Spotting Guide.

Dear Homeowner:  Throw away all of the carpet cleaning and spot removing chemicals you have in your cupboards and order this. Follow the instructions on the bottle and Home Pro Spotter will amaze you. Home Pro Spotter is also great on other fabrics. I use it for cleaning spills on my t-shirts!  If you have problems call us at the office for assistance.  HomePro Spotter has a neutral ph which is safer for both people and fibers, yet is unbelievable in its ability to remove stubborn spots and stains.Our carpet cleaning clients get Home Pro Spotter for LIFE!  So,as long as you clean your carpets every year we will deliver unlimited supplies of Home Pro Spotter to your door step when we are in the neighborhood. Otherwise, in the mail.

This is a environmentally friendly product!

$16.00 (2 x 12 oz. Bottles) + FREE Shipping, plus a small handing fee

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$14 (for 2 x 8 oz. Bottle) + FREE Shipping, plus a small handing fee

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