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Wood Floors


WOOD FLOOR CLEANING AND PRESERVATION is a perfect method to make your hardwood floors look brand new again. We will conduct a complete audit of your wood floors to see if it is a candidate for this process.

The ideal wood floor will only have surface marring of the polyurethane finish and

Wood floor cleaning

Wood floor cleaning

either very little or no scratches in the wood. If the floor is to heavily scratched or gouged it may have to be sanded and refinished. If this is the case Catamount Carpet Cleaning can provide you with the name of a great professional floor refinisher.

The service we provide includes one coat of a hard wood floor preservation finish. Additional coats may be applied at an additional cost. The finish is offered in either hi-gloss or a satin finish.

Preventive Maintenance gives a lasting reflection!

  • Do dust mop floors frequently.
  • Do use walk off matts to protect your floor.
  • Do thoroughly dry the surface after washing.
  • Do blot up spills immediately.
  • Don’t place hot items directly on the wood surface.
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners such as dry cleansers or soft cleansers.