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Tile Cleaning

Tile and Grout Restorative Cleaning


Tile and grout by its very construction is porous leaving lots of nooks and crannies for oils, sugars other staining materials and just plain soil to find a home. How can you tell if your tile and grout needs attention – well – the easiest way is beforeandafterto compare the grout lines at the unwalked edge with the grout lines in the traffic pattern. You are bound to see a tremendous difference. Secondly and probably more important from a liability standpoint is that heavily soiled tile can become quite slippery in the presence of even small amounts of water.

Tile Cleaning: how do we do it?

Well it’s not with a tooth brush and mop. In fact mops often only move soil and oil from one area of the tile to another. Our cleaning process flushes out more soils and dirt than any other technique.
We apply a special tile cleaning agent to emulsify the soils and oil and hold them in

Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

We agitate the grout lines and tiles with specially designed brushes and machines then we blast away the soil by using a “power washer in a box” connected to our 1000 psi truck mounted units. This 1000 psi spray blasts the soils from the tile and grout and the whole perimeter of the box is filled with vacuum ports to move the cleaning solution and dirt away to the tanks in our truck mounted units.

tile cleaning and sealingYour floors will be dry in no time!! After that we can also apply a sealer to the tiles and grouts to fill up the now clean pores – the benefit to you – with the sealer in the pores there is much less chance that soil, grease and sugars will gain a strong hold on your floor and your own regular maintenance will keep the floor cleaner and safer.

In the home – you will benefit from an annual full cleaning of your tile and grout while businesses may require it more often if they have heavy foot traffic or are in a greasy environment.


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