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Rug Cleaning and Care

Rug Cleaning and Care for Oriental, Braided and Wool Rugs

Have you ever had your oriental carpets cleaned and when you roll them out you see a puff of dust arise? Well, that is because there was sand and dirt still imbedded in the tightly woven fibers. If you would like to learn about rug cleaning, we have created a special rug cleaning consumer awareness guide. Take a look at it and learn about the process before making your decision.

We also sell pad underlayment for your rugs. Pick up and delivery are FREE to you and we can usually return them in 7-10 days.

For long term storage, we will wrap them in a breathable material that is virtually indestructible, for a nominal fee, ready for you to store them.

We have successfully cleaned hundreds of fine oriental rugs since 1987. Check out our testimonial page to see what our clients think about our service.

Don’t put off cleaning your rugs. Let us help you keep them bright and healthy.  By the way our service includes FREE pick up and delivery!


The Cleaning Process

We thoroughly inspect each rug in our facility before the cleaning process to indicate any preexisting conditions hidden beneath the soil. With this process in place there are no surprises for you when your valuable rug is returned to your home.

All hand woven rugs, because they are crafted by hand over months (or years) by a weaver, have certain dye lot variations, weaving irregularities, white knots, and asymmetry that make up the rug’s “personality”. We do not see these as flaws, but as what makes your piece unique.

We dust rugs to remove soil embedded in the foundation before the cleaning process begins, often up to several pounds worth.

Dusting rugs using the Rug Badger

We clean natural fiber rugs (wool, silk, cotton) using the recommended steam cleaning method…essentially giving them a good bath. We use vinegar to stabilize the dyes for cleaning, a mild shampoo for cleaning and extract rugs thoroughly so that we are not leaving any residue behind. The fringe is also carefully cleaned.

After cleaning we dry the rugs as quickly as possible with our industrial strength fans and dehumidifiers.

In-home “surface cleaning” of rugs does not remove the pounds of soil in the base of your rugs, essentially creating “soapy mud” residue which can lead to pile distortion, wool yellowing, rug dye discoloration and fading, as well as irreversible damage due to dry rot. This is why quality rugs should be cleaned professionally by someone skilled in the craft.


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