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Allergy Relief

Allergy Relief in your Home:

Start with an Allergen Control Plan

Allergy Relief for you

Allergy Relief for you


  • Work with your regular doctor or clinic to find out which allergens affect your child or you the most. If asthma flares happen a lot your doctor may suggest medication or life style changes. Keep an asthma diary.
  • Concentrate on controlling the allergens to maximize your allergy relief.
  • Start with the easiest, least expensive ways, like cleaning. Set up your cleaning plan one room at a time, beginning with where the allergy sufferer sleeps. For example:
    • allergen treatment every six months.
    • Clean window sills and frames
    • Wet mop hard surface floors.
  • Try using cleaning products that have no scent or are per- fume free. Try different products to find the ones that work best for you.
  • If your allergy is severe, have someone else do the cleaning. Try to leave home when the cleaning is being done. If you must do the cleaning yourself, wear a mask. Have asthmatic children leave the room when cleaning is being done. Don’t ask children with asthma to dust or vacuum. Have them do other chores like washing dishes, taking out the trash, etc.
  • Use cleaning products are that “green” or environmentally safe. Ones without hazardous ingredients including VOC’s.

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