Cleaning Services


Carpet Cleaning

General Information Catamount uses van mounted steam cleaning equipment for their carpet cleaning services. Hot water extraction is proven to be the most effective method in removing deeply imbedded dirt and other abrasive materials that wear away the fibers of your carpet. These abrasive materials can drastically shorten the life of your carpets. Carpeting is …

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Upholstery Cleaning (and other Fabric)

Upholstery Cleaning To keep your furniture and drapes clean, it’s necessary to conduct routine maintenance, including periodic cleaning by a IICRC certified technician every one to two years. Furniture, drapes and fabric manufacturers recommend that consumers not wait until severe soiling occurs before cleaning because the greater the soiling, the less the likelihood of restoring …

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Allergy Relief

Allergy Relief in your Home: Start with an Allergen Control Plan   Work with your regular doctor or clinic to find out which allergens affect your child or you the most. If asthma flares happen a lot your doctor may suggest medication or life style changes. Keep an asthma diary. Concentrate on controlling the allergens …

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Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning for your health! Every home has dust mites. You can’t see them but they are there. They feed on our skin flakes, of which we shed about two pounds each year. We spend about a third of our lives in bed so most dust mites are in our pillows, bedding and bed- room …

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Rug Cleaning and Care

Rug Cleaning and Care for Oriental, Braided and Wool Rugs Have you ever had your oriental carpets cleaned and when you roll them out you see a puff of dust arise? Well, that is because there was sand and dirt still imbedded in the tightly woven fibers. If you would like to learn about rug …

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Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning will help protect your family’s health and comfort Indoor air quality experts tell us that bacteria thrive in dirty air duct systems. When you consider most of us spend up to 90% of our time indoors, contaminated air ducts become a major health concern. Catamount can help you by cleaning your air ducts. …

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Green Cleaning Options

Green Cleaning Options Green is a process, not just a cleaning solution Green cleaning isn’t just about chemicals. It’s a commitment to an entire process. We chose green cleaning products that have been tested and demonstrated to work. We minimize waste, maximize recycling and conserve natural resources. We want to leave no harmful environmental footprint …

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Dryer Vents

Clothes Dryer not working too well?   It could be that your vent is clogged with lint.  Get it cleaned today to prevent a possible dryer vent fire. Overheated Clothes Dryers Can Cause Fires By U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, dated 02/20/2012 Fires can occur when lint builds up in the dryer or in the …

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Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

Tile and Grout Restorative Cleaning   Tile and grout by its very construction is porous leaving lots of nooks and crannies for oils, sugars other staining materials and just plain soil to find a home. How can you tell if your tile and grout needs attention – well – the easiest way is to compare …

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Wood floor cleaning

Wood Floors

WOOD FLOOR CLEANING AND PRESERVATION WOOD FLOOR CLEANING AND PRESERVATION is a perfect method to make your hardwood floors look brand new again. We will conduct a complete audit of your wood floors to see if it is a candidate for this process. The ideal wood floor will only have surface marring of the polyurethane …

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